Accredo Health Group, Inc.

On behalf of myself and the rest of Accredo we would like to personally thank everyone at CompuCraft for the outstanding job that was done in designed and building our new state-of-the-art data center.

CompuCraft designed and constructed our new data center from ground up. In most cases CompuCraft went above and beyond what was expected to exceed our expectations. Your on-site superintendent, Charlie Paulauskas did an outstanding job in scheduling and coordination each phase of the project to ensure complete success. We appreciate the professionalism shown to us throughout the entire process including several on-site visits from the owner of CompuCraft, Mr. John Dickson.

I personally enjoyed working with all your staff and sincerely hope CompuCraft will be involved in several of our future projects. We at Accredo believe we’ve established a long-term relationship that will last for years to come.

Assurance America Corporation

It is a great pleasure to formally thank you for the outstanding job you and your team did in the planning and construction of our new data center for Assurance America.

Your planning and timely execution was excellent. We are thankful for the high level of communication you provided throughout the project. You and every member of your staff’s experience, knowledge, work skills, and professionalism are very impressive. The documentation of our data center you provided is superb.

Your response, assistance, and leadership with our additional projects after the completion of the data center< proves you go beyond expectations in meeting your client’s needs and are indeed viewed as a long-term strategic partner. Overall, we had a great experience in working with CompuCraft.

As AssuranceAmerica continues to grow, I look forward to calling on you again to construct an even larger data center.

CHEP International, Inc.

John Dickson and CompuCraft were contracted to build-out a 12,000 square foot data center for CHEP in Orlando, FL. They accomplished this task on schedule and under budget. John’s team was highly skilled and very efficient in their work. All
building codes, inspection schedules, and administrative sign-offs from local government were handled very well. The data center was completed in October 2003.

Part of the data center included an external generator and fuel tank. John was able to find a better unit than we originally specified at a cheaper price. He continually looked for ways to help us make the data center better than we had originally planned – while staying within the budget. The work also required an existing facility expansion. This meant minimizing the dust Impact on the existing equipment. To their credit this was accomplished better than hoped for.

In the middle of the project, we moved the equipment from the old area to the new so John and his team could finish the remainder of the data center. John’s team did many aspects of their job while our production environment was operational. Not once did they impact us adversely.

Since the completion of Global data Center, we have had many, many visitors and have gone through three hurricanes. The visitors all leave Impacted by the scale and professionalism they see. The hurricanes came and went without having any impact on our operations. Both of these are a testimony to what John built.
Since the data center was completed, we have contracted John for other smaller projects. In each case, his bid is the best, and his workmanship continues to be excellent.

John Is the kind of business man we all want to do business with; honest, hard working, candid, and dedicated to the task at hand. I would recommend him to anyone. Please free to call me directly if you have specific questions.

Comdisco Disaster Recovery Corporation

The purpose of this letter is to commend CompuCraft upon the successful completion of another project for Comdisco Disaster Recovery Services, Inc. The Mississauga, Ontario, facility has been completed with budget and schedule just as all other projects which you have performed for us.

Your management personnel at this site just as In North Bergen, Bridgeport, and Atlanta have been extremely cooperative and professional in the performance of their difficult job of keeping the construction on schedule while coordinating with our operations staff in the accommodation of customers.

Again, thank you and your staff and I look forward to our continue relationship on future Comdisco projects.


I want to take the time to tell you about the superior level of service your employee, Richard Wood, and contractor, Mike Biehl of MetroPower provided Digital’s customer CSR America.

When I was on site for the final training and turnover, Frank Ward the vice president of Information Services told me he was impressed by the “integrity” of our contractors. John, I can’t think of a higher compliment a customer could give me with regard to my subs. I think “integrity” in an accurate summation of such characteristics as honesty, attention to detail, quality of work, and reliability.

Please pass along my personal thanks to Richard and Mike for an excellent job under very difficult conditions and for making CRS America a reference account for Digital.

Electrolux Home Products

We at Electrolux Home Products would like to express our thanks and appreciation for a professional job completed in a quality and timely manner.

CompuCraft designed and constructed our Data Center facility to meet all of our expectations. Your Project Manager, Trey Dickson, and your on site Superintendent/Quality Control Manager, Richard Wood, did an outstanding job in scheduling and coordination to insure the success of the project.

If we require the services of a Design/Build firm at a any time in the future, we will definitely consider CompuCraft Construction, Inc.

First Consulting Group

Please let your staff know that their efforts during our data center achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction. All their work from the project’s inception through its turnover, was completed in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner.

CompuCraft’s guidance in explaining the technologies and alternatives available was truly invaluable. Your organization helped us create a robust and easily maintainable solution in much less time than we anticipated. The project coordination and communication was exemplary.

We will certainly consider your firm for any future needs and will recommend your services to our clients.

Fuji Film Corporation

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for the fine job done in expanding our existing Data Center while serving as the general contractor for Its construction. We had totally out grown our Data Center and very much needed to expand. We also needed it to be more efficient on order to accommodate the continuing growth and demands of the company.

By taking the floor space designated for the project, our requirements, and your expertise, you and your company were able to design and construct an efficient and functional Data Center. Because it was an existing Data Center we had to keep down time to a minimum and I was very impressed with how your crew worked with us to accomplish this. As the Project Manager, Trey Dickson did a wonderful job. And as the on site Construction Supervisor, Richard Wood kept the project on schedule and was able to work through any obstacles that came about.

Again, thank you and your company for the great job that was done. At all times I felt the relationship with CompuCraft Construction, Inc. was more like a partnership and this allowed the expansion project to come out a success.

Georgia College & State University

CompuCraft Construction Company Inc. recently completed a renovation to our main campus computer server room. The equipment maintained in this machine room is critical to the successful functioning of our campus. Understandably, as we anticipated a full renovation to this part of our campus, we were concerned about the quality of workmanship we would need. John Dickson and his staff did a wonderful job assuring us of, and following through with a job well done. Not only did they finish the job on time, but it was done right the first time. It was a pleasure working with the entire staff involved. I would welcome the opportunity to work with CompuCraft on future projects.

Gainesville Regional Utilities

CompuCraft Construction Inc. was the general contractor for the construction of a new computer room at the Gainesville Regional Utilities administration building in 1995. The work that CompuCraft Construction Inc. performed was of the highest quality and within the time frame of the contracted completion date.

CompuCraft provided the expertise Gainesville Regional Utilities required in the construction of the new computer room facilities. CompuCraft assisted Gainesville Regional Utilities in a lot of decisions relating to UPS power requirements, raised floor systems and the total integration of the building renovations with the computer facility requirements.

CompuCraft was extremely flexible to work with and especially on occasions when Gainesville Regional Utilities had to make modifications to the construction of facilities due to computer equipment changes. The project management of the contract was exceptional, which provided Gainesville Regional Utilities with the security that their subcontractors were performing quality work. Construction problems were addressed immediately by providing Gainesville Regional Utilities with alternative solutions CompuCraft always provided Gainesville Regional Utilities with weekly status reports of construction and the delivery dates of equipment.

Gainesville Regional Utilities was extremely pleased with the high quality work that was performed by CompuCraft Construction Inc., and would highly recommend this company.


I personally wanted to thank you and commend you for a superior job well done in building our world-class data center. Interliant (previously Sage Networks) has rapidly become one of the top web hosting companies in the world. Much of our success hinges on prospective clients touring our data center. Wonderful, positive and impressive remarks come from them. Winning their business is much easier when they see the time and careful workmanship that has gone into the construction of it.

Whenever I needed something done, you always bent over backwards for our company and me, often going out of your way to help us out. This Is an admirable quality that is not found in abundance any more.

The subcontractors you used to assist you in the construction were very pleasant to work with and showed professionalism and sincere concern about our time frame to complete the project. You have screened them well.

Again, thank you and your team for a superior job. A continuing partnership and relationship will always exist with CompuCraft Construction.

Medco Health Group

It is hard to believe that several months have already passed since the completion of the RDC in Memphis. I would like to take this opportunity to communicate Medco’s satisfaction and gratitude regarding CompuCraft’s performance.

Medco’s RDC effort was initiated with short notice and an ambitious schedule. These project components combined with a challenging budget required absolute synergy among the project team. CompuCraft’s team of professionals met this challenge.

CompuCraft’s value engineering recommendations and aggressive implementation, combined with a genuine team-player mentality, were key to the success of this project. Medco was able to achieve a significant corporate initiative on schedule and within budget. The end result is a quality project that is now In service and meeting Medco’s business requirements.

Personally, I am very grateful to have been a part of the team and to be able to add CompuCraft to a list of preferred vendors for future projects.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.

Medical College of Georgia

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for CompuCraft Construction; their recent work on our data center. Expansion redefined my expectations of a great contractor.

CompuCraft recently completed a large upgrade to our existing data center, the job was technically complicated and required that all work be completed in a very short time frame. Our data center houses many life support and critical systems, we had no room for errors or delays. CompuCraft finished the job before the deadline, under budget and all systems functioned as they should on start-up.

It Is rare that I encounter a firm so willing to adapt to work in the campus/hospital environment where daily schedule delays and work stoppage Is common. CompuCraft was very flexible and quick to develop solutions to the constant road blocks we presented to them. Their management of time and subcontractors was second to none. Each individual I dealt with in the organization displayed a level of knowledge and professionalism that made them a pleasure to deal with.

I can confidently recommend CompuCraft Construction and I look forward to working with them In the future. If I may provide you with any further Information please feel free to contact me.

SunAmerica Financial

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in constructing the printing and mailing department four our Executive Park location. As In the past you and your staff performed flawlessly and helped to enhance our delivery capability. I cannot say enough about the relationship you and SunAmerica have built together. Once again, thank you for your assistance.

University of Georgia

I would like to express my appreciation to the Compucraft organization for the professional, yet friendly, approach to a difficult and extensive upgrade to the Boyd Data Center computer facility at the University of Georgia.

It is seldom I work with a company so willing to adjust their schedule to the ever-changing needs of the University. For your company’s flexibility, capability, and attitude I thank you.

I would expressly like to say thanks to the Paulauskas team of Charlie and Al for their combined efforts in bringing this project to a successful completion. Their adaptability, knowledge and can do attitude made many difficult situations, caused by other entities, more easily overcome. It has been my pleasure working with these gentlemen as well as the rest of your staff.

Once again, I say thank you and I hope to work with the Compucraft organization in the future.

Unisys Corporation

I would like to take a moment and express my compliments for the professionalism and dedication of yourself and your company. CompuCraft has always performed beyond expectations in the numerous, highly technical, construction projects that we have undertaken.

Unisys corporation takes a great deal of pride in providing “best-of-breed” solutions for its customers, and CompuCraft has been an integral part In ensuring this quality.

I look forward to a positive professional relationship in the future.